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Current and Past Shows
CHOW Restaurant, Bend, Oregon
Ranch Records, Bend, Oregon
Astro Lounge, Bend, OR
March 2008 to 2010


At The Beach, Bend, OR
Spring Art Hop 2008

Treefort, Bend, OR
January to March 2008

Hot Box Betty, Bend, OR
November 2007 to January 2008

“Way to Overhung” Group Show
Concrete Walls Gallery : Los Angeles, CA
January 2007


“Centered on the Center” Group Show
Huntington Beach Art Center : HB, CA
January 2005 & 2007


Huntington Surf & Sport

Huntington Beach, CA
February 2004 & July 2006

Arena Gallery & Salon : Solo Show
Huntington Beach, CA
April 2005

Cannibal Flower Group Show
Hangar 1018 : Los Angeles, CA
November 2003

La Luna Café : Solo Show
Huntington Beach, CA

May 2003




      Oregon-based artist, Jesse J. Lockwood has been drawing and painting since his early grade school days. Born and raised in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon, he grew up spending a lot of time outdoors  swimmin' in the river, camping, climbing trees and talking to the animals. He graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2000 earning a BA in Art and pressed on in 2001 to complete a MA degree in secondary art education. Since then, Jesse has been teaching high school art, currently at Bend Senior High School in Bend, Oregon.


     Working in a variety of mediums, Jesse’s unique style gives the viewer a spectrum of imagery that beckons for further visual investigation. His "TRIBUTE" POP stencil work is easily recognizable and taps into classic icons such as The Big Lebowski, Beastie Boys, John McEnroe, Clint Eastwood and Wonder Woman, among others.  His surrealist paintings are "Daliesque" in both imagery and refinement.  He uses an extensive, rich color palette that, at times, has been described as psychedelic and peculiar. Jesse has also been known to do graphics for skatedecks, snowboards and helmets as well as fantasical animal skull and bone sculptures.  Artistic influences include: Salvador Dali, including his Paranoiac Critical Method, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Hieronymus Bosch, Todd Schorr, Robert Williams, Alex Grey, MARS-1, Mark Ryden, Scott Musgrove, and James Jean , to name a few.


     “My hope is to create paintings that give the viewer a wide, panoramic spectrum of visual enjoyment. Whether it be setting up a new "TRIBUTE" stencil set or creating a surreal world of peculiarness and color, just the act of being creative is quite amazing. The process of simply blending colors and creating interesting imagery is of personal therapeutic value for myself... when viewing my work, I want the audience to get a visual sense of wonder and interest. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, its relation to us as human-beings and how we interact within it... the diverse characteristics and personalities of animals is also intriguing. And we must not forget the pop icons and musicians that have inspired us along the way. Tribute must be paid!  Listening to music is very inspiring too”.



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